All about aquavit

How to drink aquavit?
Aquavit is traditionally enjoyed as a shot but today, it's is gaining foothold in numerous cocktail bars around Europe and the US.

Aquavit has traditionally been served cold and enjoyed as a 4 centilitre shot from a shot glass. It is common that in the beginning of dinner, when the party is seated, everyone's shot glass will be filled with cold aquavit. The first toast can be raised before the meal - usually by the host or hostess. After each shot, a drinking song will follow. You can see the most common drinking songs in here.

Aquavit in cocktails

During the recent years, aquavit has gained strong foothold in the bursting cocktail scene in northern Europe. Bartenders from London to Helsinki are mixing tasty and interesting cocktails from aquavits. You can see our aquavit based cocktail recipes here.

O.P. Anderson has been in the forefront when it comes to aquavit cocktails. According to Johan Sjödin - who at the time worked at the Story Hotel in Stockholm - it all started from a will to create a killer cocktail with a Swedish vibe and O.P. Anderson was the obvious option. "All the other spirits made the cocktail taste completely flat. They gave no character, no balance", Johan describes the creation of Green Light Collins back in 2014.

Watch the O.P. Anderson film 

Bertil Karlson discovers that his precious aquavit, which has been served for 125 years in a similar manner, is being used in cocktails.

O.P.Anderson varieties
Some of our favourites
Danish aquavits
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