Crayfish season is here!

Crayfish season is here!
In the beginning of August, most people in Sweden start to prepare for one the most popular seasons of the year: the crayfish season. Crayfish parties are organized throughout August and September. Aquavit and drinking songs are a crucial element of this tradition.

Picking the aquavit for crayfish

Snaps is an important part of a crayfish celebration. A basic rule regarding the choice of snaps is to match the drink's spice with food and drink. Svenska Nubbar multipack, which includes a selection of the best Swedish aquavits and Swedish beverage heritage - such as Skåne Akvavit and O.P. Anderson - is a safe card. There is a variety of spices and flavors to choose from.

For the crayfish itself, Skåne Aquavit is a good pick. For the cheese on the table as well as the classic Swedish pies, go for O.P. Anderson. For the sweeter courses, you can try Hallands Fläder which is an aquavit spiced with elderflower.

The crayfish season lasts until the end of September, but starting in time has never been a bad idea. Enjoy!

Aquavit to serve with crayfish
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