Magical October in Finnish Lapland

Our staff member Milja loves to hike in Finnish Lapland. One of her favourite seasons to visit Lapland is the end of October - when the first snow falls. Nature is silent, fauna and flora are waiting for the winter. Northern lights are reflected from lakes and rivers.

In October, Kiilopää Fell Center is quiet. In the Urho Kekkonen National Park - named after the late Finnish president -  wilderness huts are deserted, and few hikers look at each other as if they were all wondering: why are we here? It's almost as if humans did not belong to this scenery.

Nature is waiting, we are waiting, because the snow is already late. The sun rises barely above the skyline and shines vaguely through the bare branches of trees. The landscape is hidden behind the mist. During the night, frost creates beautiful ice drops in the grass.

The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful.

The higher you climb, the more surreal the scenery gets. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. - It feels that man should not be here, said a wanderer we come upon.

Finally on the sixth night of our hike, the first snow falls. We sleep in a lean-on shelter and when I open my eyes in the morning everything is white.

In the fells, a herd of reindeer has climbed up to enjoy the last rays of light before the kaamos season. The period when the sun doesn't rise at all is just around the corner.

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