Nordic Gin Combo 38,90€

Buy O.P. Anderson Distillery Organic Dry Gin 70 cl with Nordic Spirits Lab Gin 50 cl for a combo price 38,90€.

Buy O.P. Anderson Distillery Organic Dry Gin 50 (21,90€) cl together with Nordic Spirits Lab Gin 50 (18,90€) cl for a bundle price of 38,90€. The discount will be shown when you add both items to cart.

O.P. Anderson Distillery Organic Dry Gin

O.P. Anderson Distillery gin is a premium Nordic gin from our distillery in Sundsvall in the North of Sweden. All the botanicals used in creating the gin have been carefully chosen for their high quality and exceptional sensory characteristics. The gin is handcrafted from distillates made at the distillery and blended to perfect balance between the botanicals to create the perfect gin for mixing fresh cocktails.

Nordic Spirits Lab Gin

Nordic Spirits Lab Gin is distilled hybrid gin with akvavit botanicals. It is made up of 10 carefully selected botanicals that are then individually processed, distilled and blended to create the final recipe. Some of them include bitter orange peel, juniper berry, angelica root and crown dill.

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