Brøndums is the oldest aquavit in Denmark

Brøndums Snaps is a traditional aquavit brand that dates back to 1840 in Denmark.

Anthon Brøndum launched the powerful Brøndum Kummenaquavit in 1840, and it is today one of the oldest Danish aquavits. Anthon Brøndum inherited the interest and passion for the distillation art from his father - the tanned firewood burner CA Brøndum. Anthon Brøndum's own son Alfred then partnered her father in the company and together they produced "A. Brøndum and Søn Fuselfri Kummenbrænvin ", which was relaunched in 1916 as the Brøndums Snaps the Danes know today.


Danish aquavit tradition has its own specific character. Danishg aquavits are in general very spicy as the spice distillates nor the liquid are matured. Brøndums Original is in this sense a very traditional Danish aquavit.

In addition to the traditional recipe, there is Brøndums Klar, which is a clear, milder aquavit that is a perfect base for infusing your own aquavit. The Danes are fond of spicing their own snaps with whatever ingredients they might find in the garden.

Brøndums Klar is a perfect base for making your own aquavit in the Danish style.

Two spiced aquavits, Brøndums Apple &Timian and Rhubarb & Ginger are the latest arrivals to the Brøndums family. These snaps drinks are both based on Brøndums Klar.

Brondums snaps drinks are based on Brøndums Klar.

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