Koskenkorva cocktails

Drinks from a Village

Try out our delicious vodka cocktails. As we say "Cheers" in Finnish - Kippis!

Buck & Birch

Lemon vodka meets homemade birch leaf syrup.

Ginger Tea

Koskenkorva Ginger liqueur, black tea and honey.

Midsummer Night's Dream

Sherry meets barrel aged vodka.

White Rabbit's Breakfast

A carroty vodka cocktail.


An easy summer cocktail recipe with cucumber.

Sauna Coffee

Vodka & vanilla with whipped cream.

Coffee Martini

Coffee & Koskenkorva, what a pair!

Village smash

Koskenkorva Vodka with soda & sugar syrup.


Whiskey cocktail from Koskenkorva.


Mix of cranberry, orange & blueberry vodka.


Barrel aged vodka with cola.

Late harvest

Wine cocktail with Koskenkorva Sauna barrel.

Village Mar-Tea-Ni

Martini from the village.

Village lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make a Village lemonade.

Summer cup

Almost like lemonade.


Lemon, lime, orange & basil.

Veggie red

Red beet, lemon vodka & Triple sec.

Lucky clover

Delicious raspberry cocktail.

The Villager

A fresh Cocktail that's worth a shot of Koskenkorva Lemon.

Farmer's julep

Mint Julep in village style.

Wild negroni

Negroni in Koskenkorva style.


Koskenkorva Blueberry Juniper with Créme de Cassis.

Apple Thief

Apples & Koskenkorva Blueberry.

Home sweet home

A super-easy lingonberry cocktail.

Green Gold

Koskenkorva Vodka with ginger ale.


Cold brew in Koskenkorva style.

Easy Living

A sour style cocktail with vodka and sherry.

Cheers Mate

Club-Mate with barrel-aged Koskenkorva Vodka.

Country House

An easy drink combines the freshness of cranberries and vodka.

Ginger Sour

A fresh sour cocktail with the delicious Koskenkorva Ginger liqueur.

Backyard Smash

Blueberry vodka with lemon juice.

Blueberry Tonic

Fresh & delicious blueberry vodka cocktail with tonic.

Red River Punch

Raspberrylicious vodka cocktail.


Cranberry with Koskenkorva Lemon.

Forest Tonic

A refreshing tonic straight outta village.

Forest Martini

The signature cocktail of Koskenkorva Foraged Vodka.


A classic Moscow Mule by Koskenkorva.