Koskenkorva cocktails

Drinks from a Village

Try out our delicious vodka cocktails. As we say "Cheers" in Finnish - Kippis!

Ginger Tea

Koskenkorva Ginger liqueur, black tea and honey.

White Rabbit's Breakfast

A carroty vodka cocktail.


An easy summer cocktail recipe with cucumber.

Village smash

Koskenkorva Vodka with soda & sugar syrup.

Village lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make a Village lemonade.

Summer cup

Almost like lemonade.

Veggie red

Red beet, lemon vodka & Triple sec.

The Villager

A fresh Cocktail that's worth a shot of Koskenkorva Lemon.

Farmer's julep

Mint Julep in village style.


Koskenkorva Blueberry Juniper with Créme de Cassis.

Home sweet home

A super-easy lingonberry cocktail.

Backyard Smash

Blueberry vodka with lemon juice.

Red River Punch

Raspberrylicious vodka cocktail.


Cranberry with Koskenkorva Lemon.


Whiskey cocktail from Koskenkorva.

Late harvest

Wine cocktail with Koskenkorva Sauna barrel.

Lucky clover

A village twist of a classic Clover Club cocktail with raspberries.


Mix of cranberry, orange & blueberry vodka.

Midsummer Night's Dream

Sherry meets barrel aged vodka.


Barrel aged vodka with cola.

Easy Living

A sour style cocktail with vodka and sherry.

Ginger Mule

Koskenkorva Ginger liqueur and ginger ale.

Country House

An easy drink combines the freshness of cranberries and vodka.

Forest Martini

The signature cocktail of Koskenkorva Foraged Vodka.


Cold brew in Koskenkorva style.

Ginger Tonic

Simple drink with tonic & Koskenkorva Ginger.

Sauna Coffee

Vodka & vanilla with whipped cream.

Ginger Sour

A fresh sour cocktail with the delicious Koskenkorva Ginger liqueur.

Coffee Martini

Coffee & Koskenkorva, what a pair!

Cheers Mate

Club-Mate with barrel-aged Koskenkorva Vodka.

Buck & Birch

Lemon vodka meets homemade birch leaf syrup.

Green Gold

Koskenkorva Vodka with ginger ale.


In 1953 when Koskenkorva Vodka was born in the village of Koskenkorva, most of the work on the farms was done with the help of workhorses. Back in those days we employed a special breed, a very hardworking Finnish horse that helped us grow barley so good that it was used to create an award winning Koskenkorva Vodka.

Forest Tonic

In Finland, it’s always been customary to use what the forest gives us: berries, wild herbs, leaves and needles that are all utilized in different ways. Bilberries and lingonberries are widely regarded as the most sacred treasures the nature provides, and this is also true in the village of Koskenkorva.

Village Mar-Tea-Ni

In the village of Koskenkorva, the long days of our summer growing season nourish not only the barley but also our farmers with abundant sunlight. But in the winter it’s the exact opposite: six months of nearly complete darkness and subzero temperatures. The darkness we can battle with coffee but it is tea that keeps us warm all year round. And when it tastes this good we don’t even mind the cold.

Apple Thief

Every youngster in the village has felt the rush of adrenaline stirred up by a foray into the neighbors’ yards filled with apple trees under the midnight sun. To us the apple is more than just a proverbial forbidden fruit and not in the least because of what it tastes like.


The end of summer is the most important time of the year in the village of Koskenkorva. It’s the time of harvest—when all the hard work done throughout the year is rewarded. Whether it’s the harvest of our barley or other treasures the sun has nurtured, this time of year, the villagers become harvesters.

Wild negroni

Negroni in Koskenkorva style.

Blueberry Vodka Tonic

Fresh & delicious blueberry vodka cocktail with tonic.

Lemon Spritz

Koskenkorva Lemon Spritz with lemon liqueur, prosecco and soda.

Lemon Tonic

Delicious Lemon Tonic recipe from Koskenkorva.

Vodka & Soda

Vodka & Soda was the first cocktail ever made from Koskenkorva Vodka when it was first created in 1953. It traditionally uses a high quality sparkling mineral water that is very popular in Finland. We have taken our original classic and given it a modern twist, in the village way. Enjoy!

Village Sun

This fresh cocktail from Koskenkorva has raspberry flavour as the base, with a twist of lemon & ginger.