Koskenkorva Foraged

World's first foraged vodka by Koskenkorva

Together with the locals of the village, we bring you a small-batch, premium version of our barley-based, barrel-aged vodka. It’s infused with the finest handpicked local botanicals for a taste experience straight from the Finnish forest.

How is it made

Crafted in Koskenkorva, where wilderness is our backyard. Here the local forests and fields offer the finest delicacies and the purest ingredients. Koskenkorva Foraged vodka is made by combining the expertise of the local community and the finest raw materials - it is a  collaboration between a local goldsmith, a local designer and our local distillery. 

The amulet

In a workshop near Koskenkorva village, goldsmith Juha Koskela has created a unique handmade amulet to go along with the Koskenkorva Foraged bottle. Inspired by Finnish nature, the amulet portrays the rugged and rocky forests of Ostrobothnia. The masculine shape of the piece of art honours the tough generations who have been the pioneers of these rough lands.

A Wooden box by Designer Tea Latvala

Tea Latvala, a designer originally from Southern Ostrobothnia, has created a distinctive gift box for Koskenkorva Foraged Vodka. This beautiful box is made of evergreen pine wood native to the Northern forests by a local workshop. Tea Latvala’s vision was to use traditional materials to create something unique—a gift box that could also double as a birdhouse.

How to use it

Koskenkorva Foraged vodka is delicious on its own for example as a digestive or as a mixed drink. See the signature drink Forest martini.


Germany: Nordicspirits.com

Sweden: Systembolaget

Finland: Alko