koskenkorva ginger

Koskenkorva Ginger

Feisty new ginger shot from Koskenkorva.

Koskenkorva Ginger shot is a novelty in the Koskenkorva range, a combination of real ginger and Koskenkorva vodka. It is a fresh & slightly sweet ginger shot with an ABV of 21%.  It also has less sugar than liqueurs usually have.

How to use it

The Koskenkorva Ginger is ready to be enjoyed as it is; perfect as a shot for home parties, bars and night clubs. Alternatively it can be enjoyed in sipping occasions at home while relaxing by yourseld or with friends or as an ingredient for a delicious cocktail. See Ginger sour recipe.


Germany: Nordic Spirits

Sweden: Systembolaget

Norway: Vinmonopolet

Finland: Alko

Україна: Metro , MegaMarket , Rozetka , Achan