koskenkorva sauna barrel

Koskenkorva Sauna Barrel

The idea for Sauna Barrel emerged from the smoky heat of an old smoke sauna in the village of Koskenkorva. The vodka has been aged in oak barrels where it inherits a light taste of bourbon with a hint of tar and smoke.


International Spirits Challenge 2018, Vodka Flavoured Premium: gold

The Vodka Master’s 2018: Flavoured vodka, master

How to use it

Despite the name, you won't need a sauna in order to enjoy Koskenkorva Sauna Barrel. It is great on any evening, on the rocks or as a simple cocktail with coke. Or prepare a nice and warm Sauna coffee drink.


Germany: Nordic Spirits

United Kingdom: Drinkfinder, DrinkSupermarket

Finland: Alko

Sweden: Systembolaget