O.P. anderson Petronella punch

O.P. Anderson Petronella

O.P. Anderson Petronella is our lower-abv drink flavoured with the traditional O.P. Anderson spices - caraway, aniseed, and fennel.​  Organic Apple must gives the drink its fruitfulness and brings alcohol percentage down to 30%.  Also, we did give this a bit of an extra push of caraway compared to the O.P. Anderson Original. We do love caraway, mmmmmhm, caraway!

The name of the drink comes from Mrs. Petronella, wife of Olof Peter Anderson, who originally founded the distillery in Gothenburg in Sweden.

Food pairing

Petronella was made to be a bit milder and more fruity version than the O.P. Anderson Original, which gives us guidelines for food pairing, too. Papaya Salad with a glass of Riesling & O.P. Petronella on the side? Yes please!

Salt, easy & pickled 

Olives, pickled greens or why not raw stirred berries. All of the mentioned can’t really handle the push from the caraway in the O.P. Anderson Original but with a bit of sweetness of Petronella (about 30gr/l) we can here elevate the flavours on both sides.

Heads up! Never have something sweeter on your plate than in your glass.

Spicy Food 

African casserole or a spicy papaya salad. Used in any sweetened type of food to increase the spicy notes & elevate the mouthfeel of both the spirit and the meal.

O.P. Anderson Petronella in cocktails

O.P. Anderson Petronella is great for mixing cocktails. It makes a great combo with tonic, for example.

All ingredients of the product are natural and organic.



Signature cocktail: Heritage

Fresh, crispy & classic styled cocktail that combines O.P. heritage with strawberry. Check recipe here.